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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Married Men

I am just going to say it, I am just going to “put it out there” mmm-kay? What’s up with married men?

I see you looking at me, Married Man. I see you wondering, and I see your ring burning on that finger of yours, is that your conscience making you're finger itch?

Bluntly put: I get hit on by Married Men more than I’d like to, more than single dudes hit on me.

I can’t help but wonder: why that is? Is it the fact that, Married Men can hit on women free of the worry that the possibility of rejection will cause them to lose heart? Do they hit on a woman knowing that they are safe, that they have one at home already, a cushion to soften the possible fall? They hit on women, maybe, because it’s a reminder of what was before their relationship was institutionalized by the state, by their religion under the watchful eyes of their friends and their families, and their old girlfriends. In the act of hitting on me is this Married Guy reminded of what once was? The good ol’ days with the good ol’ boys before joint checking accounts or the prospect of children, or before the actual children, before daycare and nannies and a cranky wife and an even crankier infant? Is it to harken back to the lost days of roaming the downtown bars with guys from the office, checking out chicks who are wearing tight expensive jeans and blouses that look disarmingly like lingerie?

They see me in this nondescript office with its stultifying atmosphere and I wonder: do I look like freedom to them? A very brief escape from the gold marriage ring, from the job, from the mortage, from the debt. Out of boredom I, guiltily, flirt back via email or in the doorway of their office, loitering by their cubicle, laughing out of nervousness at the none-too-subtle innuendos and sloppy compliments. The hint of this taboo relationship proving too great for me to resist when, really, I have nothing better to do. We engage each other, but will never be “engaged”, in this little office ritual of “what if” and “under different circumstances we might be…” to inject a little excitement in our day.

Married man,I geuss, I am using you too.
Men are scum.

Married or single or domestic partner whatever... it's a rare find when you get a keeper.

But I'm still looking....
sigh...and i think married men are absolutely hot.

i think you can enjoy it a little joy. you're probably the bright point in their entire day! smile and say thank you. they'll go home, ego appropriately stroked, and have better sex with their wives because of it.
or drag them to the can. i'm just saying...times is hard.
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